Writing for the web course

Writing for the Web course

Media Redaktica offers a writing for the Web course among many other training courses, as well as written communication services.

Writing for the Web has its own requirements and specific characteristics; simply being a good writer is not enough for the texts to be perceived as efficient by Internet surfers.

The more a writer drafts texts targeting Internet surfers, the more a Web writer develops mechanical reflexes and automation in writings that are specific to the Internet.

Our professional writing for the Web course will help you adapt your texts for the Web to the point where you will end up becoming one with the Internet and its demanding readers.

Institutional content, news releases, speaking notes and other communications and content must be modified and restructured to be judged as relevant by Internet users.

Without this meticulous work on the part of the Web writer expert, the written content could be ignored by Internet surfers. Unless a careful adaptation of all texts destined for the Internet was conducted, the Web pages will not be considered appropriate by the extremely busy readers of the digital world. Zapping would proliferate, leading to a decreased popularity of the website concerned. This would automatically have a negative impact on the positioning of your Website in popular search engines like Google.

This is why any professional writer must acquire basic information and an understanding of the Internet’s nuts and bolts through our writing for the Web course.

The benefits of our Writing for the Web course

During your training, you will understand:

*The Web’s specific characteristics
*The technical Web constraints to take into consideration
*How Internet surfers read online
*The Internet surfer’s informational needs
*The Web writer’s correct mechanical reflexes
*The Web writer’s best practices
*Pitfalls to avoid
*The Web writer’s valued assets
*The best attitude to adopt in order to adapt to different kinds of Internet surfers

Why our customized writing for the Web course is efficient

The training you will benefit from is provided by a Web writing specialist with over 20 years of writing experience (journalism, organizational and institutional communications, internal/external communication, copywriting, etc.).

Our professional Web writer has conceived Websites from A to Z for a variety of Francophone and Anglophone Canadian clients. She also gives advice for the improvement of Website menus and site maps and helps her clients create Web content that reflects perfectly their organization’s line of communication and the Internet surfers’ informational needs.

The customized training prepared by Media Redaktica Pro will make your employees capable of writing efficient, persuasive and pleasant-to-read texts. Your staff will acquire theoretical knowledge allowing them to develop the correct mechanical reflexes for Web writing. Exercises will allow you to apply and memorize what you have learned.

Why wait to reserve your personalized writing for the Web course?

E-mail us at info@media-redaktica.com and inform our Web writing expert about your precise writing needs. You can also entrust us with the preparation of your writing for the Web course according to your goals.