Writing for businesses

Writing for businesses

At a time when writings of all kinds abound like never before, mainly on the Internet, everyone believes they are true writers.

This generalized democratization of writing is bringing to light the influence of structured and strategic writing activities that characterize professional writing for businesses.

Writing: the power of words

Writing can have a considerable influence, as illustrated by the revolutionary movements in the Middle-East, the Maghreb or America. Social movements have emerged following the dissemination of messages on Google My Business, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks by assiduous activists.

It is precisely because writing is targeted, persuasive and based on concrete facts that it has a percussive and extraordinary force. What writing for businesses has in common with what precedes: it follows a communication line that is precise and predetermined. A good writer also prepares a written plan before conceiving a business plan, for instance.

What is professional writing?

To perform professional writing for businesses, the main goal is not to compose the prettiest words but rather to conceive the most adequate sentences according to a communication objective that is precise and homogeneous. Professional writing for businesses does not constitute an activity that takes place in a vacuum; on the contrary, the writings are conceived according to criteria nurtured and defined by the communications service or department concerned.

In addition to defining the communication goals and the scope of the communication – through the determination of a target audience defined as narrowly as possible – the focus on the intention to communicate is an essential factor for any specialist in charge of writing for businesses.

A professional writer must also master the adequate writing techniques.

To perform professional writing for businesses, writers conceive targeted content while working in a collaborative mode with other communication professionals from the private or public sector. It is through this collaboration with institutional experts that professional writers develop their know-how.

The expertise in professional writing for businesses

Professional writing experts are aware of the formal and informal rules they must conform to, according to the type of organization or industry. They know which technological tools to use and which working methods prevail in the professional environment. As professional writers, they become advisors in matters of language.

The professional writing specialists are motivated by one goal: they know the impact they want to produce and they are aware of their intention to communicate.

In summary, they control the impact they wish to produce, are aware of their audience’s needs and of the requirements of different communication media.

Professional writing for businesses: an oriented communication

Professional writing also presupposes a relevant experience in communications in addition to a writing dexterity. Professional writing deals with targeted writing focused on organizational strategic criteria based on the type of organization. All professional writers possess an exceptional ability to adapt, as well as global analyses skills.

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