Write to Communicate

Write to communicate: in writing, you will find a precious ally for the image optimization of your organization

Words vanish but scriptures remain. The impression you make on a colleague or a client who reads your texts is tenacious, be it positive or negative. This is why it is advantageous to take good care of all of your writings: your electronic mail delivered to clients or journalists, your texts on blogs, your text messages on social networking interfaces and your comments on Web pages.

Tools to write to communicate

An array of tools is at your disposal to help you perfect your texts: a Word spell checker, software like Robert & Collins and Antidote, language dictionaries accessible free of charge on internet, etc.

But if you personally lack the time to check whether your texts are flawless, consider doing business with quick and efficient professionals who know how to write to communicate. The image of the organization you represent will be optimized and your reputation will be enhanced, two elements that will have a positive impact on your credibility and sales.

A quality written communication is difficult to measure in terms of numbers or a profitability index. It does not make the success factor less valid. Aren’t human values invaluable even if they are not measurable?

To evaluate the importance of excellence in writing to communicate, imagine your reactions to a resume full of errors, or your irritation when reading an advertising text that is vague, or a text that lacks clarity to the point that you must exert a big effort to understand.

Entrust us with the mission of optimizing your written communications

Media Redaktica offers a complete service in French, English and Spanish: we write well to communicate in your best interest. If you need a critical look at one of your texts in administrative/advertising communications or targeted print or digital media or other supports, call upon our versatile experience in written communications and our sound advice!

Take advantage of a trilingual editing/proofreading and writing service for texts of all kinds that are adaptable to all industries and all communications. In addition to this integrated service of written communications, you will take advantage of our popularization of legal, technical and scientific texts and of translation into English, French and Spanish.

A personalized training in written communications for you or your staff can also be arranged. Media Redaktica’s mission is to make your life easier, either by assisting you directly or by helping your staff and your colleagues improve their abilities on how to write to communicate efficiently through a:

*training in Web writing
*training in copywriting
*training in journalism
*training on social networks
*training on texts of a political nature…

Try our written communications service now and gain the satisfaction of conveying the best impression of yourself or your business. E-mail us at info@media-redaktica.com to let us know about your specific needs. Our rates for Web writing (including SEO) and for other types of texts are available upon demand. The services are provided by a writer certified by the Société québécoise de la rédaction professionnelle.