Voice over scripts

Warm, soothing voice-over scripts

You rush towards the phone to solve an urgent problem when suddenly a jerky or mechanical-sounding voice is heard, asking you to push on this or that button. You’ve probably encountered this doubly stressful situation.

In addition to the urgency of the matter that irritates you initially, the annoyance of a voice with impatient tones, a tone of voice too neutral to calm you down, or annoying sonorities, makes you even more impatient. You were hoping to speak quickly with a flesh-and-blood human being and you must wait for someone to speak to you.

Voice-over scripts with calming properties

Our voice-over scripts are especially designed to make your phone experience more pleasant when you call an organization or a business.

How? Our voice-over scripts specialist proposes a smooth, calming vocal that fits all situations requiring patience over the phone.

The feminine voice in French is pleasant; the voice tone is deep and warm. The international accent is neutral and the diction is rhythmic to maintain a dynamic tone that always remains harmonious.

Feminine voice-over scripts that pleasantly represent your organization

The voice-over scripts proposed by Media Redaktica Pro are fully adapted to your needs. They are ideal for your voicemail, your international corporate presentations, your PowerPoint slides, your local and international corporate videos, your websites, documentaries, TV reports and commercials.

See for yourself the quality of our voice-over scripts by e-mailing your phone number at info@media-redaktica.com or discover for yourself a few sound excerpts from our demo by clicking here.

Our voice-over script recordings are offered in studio or can be provided within your organization if you wish.

Media Redaktica will also provide you with complete voice-over services in English or bilingual upon demand.

Vocal service for businesses, organizations and institutions

A pleasant feminine voice in French…
An international accent…
An impeccable diction ideal for:

  • your voice messaging
  • your corporate presentations or your in-house videos
  • your documentaries
  • your websites, etc.

To communicate with your listeners with warmth and gentleness.