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To translate texts from English to French Canadian: one of our specialties

To translate texts from English to French Canadian, mastering the two languages concerned is required, along with strong writing capabilities.

Translators are faced with many traps associated with each language: to translate from English to French Canadian, they must avoid misinterpretations, false cognates, anglicisms, quebecisms and many other pitfalls. This also goes for French translation services provided in Ontario, Quebec or other Canadian provinces and territories like New Brunswick, Nunavut, Northwest territories and Yukon.

This requires not only good linguistic knowledge – including grammar rules, typography and punctuation, but also a creativity that translation tools online do not have.

If you have tried to translate English and French Canadian with online translators, you in all likelihood found out to what extent these machines cannot take into account the nuances and subtleties of the languages. However, some organizations resort to those devices to receive French content translation services in Ontario, without getting quality.

The translation paradox

Detachment from the initial text and accuracy: this is the paradox translators have to face constantly.

At Média Rédaktica, our translations are valued by our clients. Why? Because our experts do not simply translate literally the content they receive. We strive to advise our clients like those who need French content translation services in Ontario if we believe certain elements in the initial file should be perfected. If the content lacks clarity, producing an excellent translation is impossible and any translator with integrity cannot afford to translate approximately in English and French Canadian.

Accuracy but not at any cost

How far should a translator go to translate content into another language provide French translation services to the Ontarian market, for instance? Answers vary. Some consider that a literal translation is required. We consider that to translate a text from English to French Canadian, one must have a feel about the context, style, lexicon, tone and communication goals of the text.

In other words, the translator has significant latitude when it comes to the choice of words used even though he must never sacrifice style at the expense of accuracy. Translating in English and French Canadian presupposes a quest for a middle ground: a faithful translation adapted to each language.

Judgement and know-how acquired by the translator through experience are assets which are appreciated by clients like those in need of French translation services in Ontario, Quebec or New Brunswick. To translate from English to French Canadian for the print media or advertising involves two different activities. A good translator must be an excellent writer who knows how to use language to exploit all of its power. In other words, to be able to translate a text from print media, one must be a journalist. To translate an advertising text, one must be a copywriter, and so on.

The art of translation

Sentences translated must be faithful to their meaning, but they also need to have rhythm and a syntactic structure that are not boring for the readers.

To translate efficiently from English to French Canadian, one cannot simply translate words to provide French content translation services in a Canadian province or territory like Ontario, Quebec, Yukon, Northwest Territories or New Brunswick. One must transport oneself into two distinct language universes where “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, as Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier said. The transformation of the text should never be made at the expense of either language’s beauty and aesthetics.

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