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Media Redaktica offers highly efficient and professional services in writing, research, editing, translation, media relations and training on writing. We also give you access to a gentle and warm voice  in standard French to reinforce the impact of your corporate messages.

Media Redaktica’s mission is to conceive and improve texts of all kinds and in all sectors of activity; whether they are corporate, promotional, related to advertising or social networks, event-related, technical, scientific or journalistic.

The business was created in May 2006 by Yasmina El Jamaï in Montreal in order to answer the urgent, regular or timely needs of busy public and private organizations.

Several top-notch companies count on Media Redaktica’s reliability and the quality of work provided. Hence, they make sure that the image they project about their organization is impeccable and enviable. Media Redaktica is proud to associate itself to their success.

Media Redaktica’s values

  • Relationships based on respect and real listening.
  • Adequate analysis of the client’s needs.
  • The quality of the service rendered.
  • The reliability and respect of the due dates.
  • A win-win and durable relationship.

Media Redaktica, the quality communication which enhances the organizations’ image